Mytty Angus Ranch has been in operation since 1998 in Florence, Montana.  We are proud of the depth and growth of our operation and the bulls we produce every year.  Our cows come from performance based elite cow families, and now are tested year after year for fertility, efficiency, and structural soundness.  We are asking our cows to winter out with no supplemental feed and maintain good body condition on mountain foothill pastures.  Then calving unassisted, and breed back in a 45 day window.  We feel that we are putting our cow herd through a very good test of efficiency and fertility.  On top of this we also ask them to raise an above average calf, we are looking for powerful weaning weights at a very young calf age.

Our calves, from weaning on, are treated a little different than a traditional purebred operation.  Calves are 5 to 6 months of age at weaning, kicked out on pasture and fed grass hay during the heart of winter.  In early spring they are moved on to rocks, sage, and juniper pasture.  We are really not asking them to gain until they hit the feedlot at 14 to 15 months of age, to prepare for the sale.  By not following the mainstream trend of heavy yearling weights and following a similar time line of commercial calves we are going to see two things.  First you slowly develop a structural sound animal, and second we are following a closer schedule to what a commercial calf would be asked to do, coming off winter feed and spring grass and entering the feedlot.  That response to feed when asked, whether it is calves on feed or bulls after breeding, we feel is very important.

Since we have started in the registered Angus business we have been very fortunate to have raised some well known herd sires, Baldridge Nebraska 901, Mytty In Focus 109, Mytty Thunderstruck w355, and Mytty Forefront 77p. 

We also develop 500 to 600 commercial heifers that stem from our genetic base and breed them to the most proven calving ease sires in our lineup.  These impressive, spring bred heifers are what we will continue to offer each fall.  They are truly “The Montana Kind” from long established herds respected for their cow productivity on grass.

The majority of our cow herd has now been bred and raised through careful selection right here on the ranch and its really paying off.  If you ever want to go through our cow herd, we’ll be happy to show you around anytime.